Aspire career day is organised every term and it is not an occasion where students just dress to depict professionals in the field of the career they intend to venture. It is a well planned and executed program that provides real value to students and all participants.

It is a day set aside to educate the Aspire Scholar on the programs they are offering and careers paths available to them in the job market

Activities for this day are planned to create maximum awareness and enable our scholars interact with professional in various fields to share information about their workplace, their job, and the education and skills that are required for success in their career

Career days are days where activities are planned to expose participants to their Career Awareness stage of the work-based learning continuum and provide authentic experiences to all.

This program is very important and is designed to meet specific learning objectives in the area of helping participants connect what they are learning in school with the workplace.

The day will provide opportunity for all participants to interact with speakers or navigate selected events independently, seeking information about the industry and the career options it provides. Participants will also obtain deep understanding about the education required for entry into the industry and participating in a business’s role in the Ghanaian economy and the world as a whole.


The main purpose of the Aspire Career Day is to Career days expose students to a variety of careers and jobs and connect them to partners in the field. Partners will be selected to mentor students through the school liaison on Career and related activities.

The activities are designed to:

  1. Provide a realistic picture of the workplace
  2. Help students make the connection between school and the workplace
  • Inform career planning

Activities for the day will be structured in a manner that offers opportunity for students to listen, receive information, and ask questions. The activities are structured to:

  1. Enable students:
    • obtain deeper understanding of the course or their interest
    • begin identifying areas of career interest
  2. Elevate students’ comfort level in interacting with adult professionals in a secure and safe manner
  3. Provide a setting where students can demonstrate their communication skills
  4. Support classroom preparation, including research on the industry and participating businesses
  5. Create opportunities for students to reflect upon the experience both verbally and in writing

The day will also enable Aspire Management to view their students from a different angle, assess their participation and interests and provide better orientation and support.

We shall also set up a counselling platforms to provide professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological problems.

Lessons learned from this program will enable the school improve its operations. From next term a career czar will be appointed who will ensure that the career awareness is not just a day but a continuous engagement and support program for deepening students understanding and helping them make better choices.


Our career day will be organised in five formats and in a manner that deliver unique experiences to students and employers. Formats includes:

  1. Two, 40-minute panel sessions with selected students participating in each session
  2. One interactive session interactive session with upper primary and above students
  3. Career Day booth format where students visit booths that are staffed by employers and network
  4. Guest speaker series where selected industry representatives rotate and visit different classrooms
  5. Student interaction where students will hold roundtable discussions on their experience

Expected outcomes for students who are better aware of their career path, to enhanced information about future workplace opportunities through learning from business partners to students who are eager to research and provide Aspire with feedback to improve the program in all ways. Activities are connected to:

  1. Individual career development and/or training plans
  2. Future work-based learning activities
  3. The student’s next steps
  4. Students research topics for assessment and reward



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