General Rules And Acceptable Norms

We have provided these general rules and norms to guide behavior at school, create and maintain a safe, secure and positive learning environment

General Rules And Manners

  1. Arrive on time for school.
  2. Say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.
  3. Greet all adults at all times.
  4. Stay away from the car par and other locations that are prohibited
  5. Refrain from throwing any objects on the playground or in the classrooms
  6. Not use unacceptable language
  7. Not deface any desks or school property
  8. Not remove or tamper with anything that does not belong to me.
  9. Refrain from any form of challenge of an educator’s authority whatsoever.
  10. Speak to the educator personally at an appropriate time after the lesson if I have a problem.
  11. Use the toilets properly and leave them clean.
  12. Do not bring my cell phone to school and use it during school hours. If the phone is at school I am aware that the school cannot be held liable for its loss and damage.
  13. No smoking and drinking.

At School

  2. Not run or play on the corridors unnecessarily
  3. Keep left and walk briskly in single file.
  4. Not tamper or vandalise any fixtures or fittings of the school.
  5. Not leave the school ground or classroom during school hours without the permission of the principal or educator.
  6. Not bring pets or toys or valuables to school.
  7. Obey the instructions of prefects, any monitors and scholar patrol members without complaint.
  8. Leave the school premises by 14h20 unless I am attending the aftercare or an enrichment programme activity.
  9. Not be involved in any form of initiation and unmannerly farewell celebrations.
  10. Not be guilty of any form of rowdiness or loud behaviour.
  11. Not bring or distribute undesirable reading matter.
  12. Enter and exit from the hall in an orderly and disciplined manner.
  13. Only use the public telephones during breaks or after school.
  14. Not use the telephone in the office.
  15. Report any accidental breakages to the office immediately
  16. Not climb over any school fence
  17. Not go into the school building during break unless I am visiting the Media Centre.
  18. Not rollerblade or skateboard or ride my bicycle on school premises.
  19. Keep my hair neat, clean and in an appropriate style for primary school pupils.
  20. Keep my nails short, clean and free from nail varnish / polish.
  21. Exercise exemplary behaviour when making use of public transport.
  22. Behave as an ambassador for my school when on an excursion or tours.
  23. Bring a note written and signed by my parents or doctor’s note after I have been absent.
  24. Catch up any work missed after I have been absent.
  25. Not smoke on the school grounds or while in school uniform.
  26. Hold the school responsible for any valuables lost or damaged at school including cellphones.

In the Classroom

  2. Line up quietly in an orderly manner.
  3. Be prompt and on time for lessons.
  4. Lead in quietly.
  5. Wait to greet the teacher.
  6. Listen to instructions.
  7. Respect my own equipment as well as that of other people.
  8. Make sure that I have my own equipment and stationery so that I do not have to borrow from others.
  9. Raise my hand when I wish to say or ask something.
  10. Not interrupt when someone else is speaking.
  11. Not be disruptive, thereby preventing the other pupils from receiving quality education.
  12. Respect textbooks and all other equipment.
  13. Not touch or remove anything from my teacher’s desk.
  14. Not throw any objects in the classroom.
  15. Not challenge a teacher’s authority during a lesson but rather speak to him / her privately after the lesson.
  16. Pick up any litter around my desk and place my chair neatly under my desk before leaving the classroom.
  17. Complete all homework and class work assignments to the best of my ability.
  18. Be honest in all my work, including tests, and in all that I say.
  19. Stand up and greet any adult who enters the classroom.
  20. Not eat or chew bubble gum.

At The Playground

  2. Avoid rough or dangerous games.
  3. Avoid fighting.
  4. Refrain from using unacceptable language
  5. Remember that all classrooms and parking areas are strictly out of bounds during breaks, before, and after school.
  6. Move aside to allow an adult to pass Include other children in my games.
  7. Consider other children and not disrupt their games.
  8. Move quickly to class when the bell rings.
  9. Get up and greet all adults who walk passed.
  10. Offer assistance to adults.

During Sport Activities

  1. Dress appropriately and neatly as prescribed.
  2. Display sportsmanship whether winning or losing.
  3. Respect the umpire’s/referee’s/educator’s decisions.
  4. Thank the umpire/referee/educator and opponents at the end of the match/practice.
  5. Listen to instructions.
  6. Sit quietly while being transported.
  7. Thank the driver and coach.
  8. Assist the teacher in accounting for all the equipment and packing it away neatly.
  9. Attend every practice/match or make my apologies to the educator/coach.

During Cultural Activities

  1. Listen to instructions.
  2. Respect the venue I am using and not touch anything that does not belong to me in the venue.
  3. Pack away all equipment, neatly.
  4. Leave the venue in a neat, orderly and acceptable condition
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