Admission Policy


Applications for admission are accepted throughout the year. No official decision on an application is given until application form is submitted and all the relevant documents have been received (except in exceptional circumstances determined by Management) and admission processes completed.

Families seeking admission for their child(ren) are advised to apply as early as possible as certain classes fill up quickly.

Please explore the website, request for further information through our email or visit the school to learn more about our admission and placement.

Admission Committee

All admission to AIS approved by an Admissions Committee made up of School CEO, Head of Academics, Head of the Year category that student is being admitted and in exceptional cases anyone proposed and accepted by any of the committee members.

In exceptional circumstances where the committee could not reach an agreement the Chairman of the School is consulted for advice and final decision.

Application files submitted by an applicant are reviewed in turn by all members of the committee with each member giving comments and recommendation by signing the admission decision form or through email in the event where a member is not physically present.

An admission decision will be completed within three (3) to ten (10) working days  from the time an application is completed and admission committee review and sign admission decision form, pending any further follow-up that may be required.

All applications to AIS shall be made by a parent or guardian who is eighteen (18) years or above and in the case of a foreign student, there must be a legal guardian who resides in Ghana.


At Aspire International School, we accept applications from students for Early Childhood, Primary and Lower Secondary regardless of race, gender, ethnic, religion, and national background. Our admission requirements start with the completion of an application form. The following are required as part of the admission process:

School Visits

It is always recommended that parent/guardian visit the school premises preferably with the potential student to get acquainted with the school have the opportunity to obtain/give relevant feedback. AIS reserves the right to request to meet in person any applicant in cases where necessary (for instance, if the candidate has never attended school before, has had a lengthy absence etc.). Further, a compulsory interview may be required in cases where it is deemed necessary to discuss a candidate’s application in more depth in order for a decision to be made.

Interview and Testing

As part of the admission process, the heads of academics and the division that the student is seeking admission will interview applicants (namely, pre-school, lower and upper primary, lower and upper school). A parent interview will also be conducted by the school’s C.E.O.

Upon successful application process and meeting all requirements, applicant will undertake an entrance examination as part of the admission procedures. Thereafter an acceptance letters will be issued to parent/guardian.

Grade Placement

Students applying to AIS will generally be placed according to their age on September 1st of their year of entry, result of their assessment and recommendation by the admissions committee. Under exceptional circumstances, students may be placed below or above graded requested or matching their age group.

A child’s successful completion of the equivalent grade elsewhere,  transcript or report cards from the

previous year demonstrating exceptional academic performance and social skills and cutoff date in a child’s country of origin.

In such circumstances, all members of the admission committee shall write exceptional report to support their decision.

Under such   circumstances, parents are informed in writing that the school shall observe/assess the student for a period and may review the decision appropriately.

Applicants With Special Need

AIS have a Learning Support program for limited number of students per year based on available resources where a student require special needs, the applying parent/guardian will submit a special needs request form stating details of the need. In cases that require medical support, a full doctor’s report shall be submitted with the application.

The admission committee will review the request made by a parent/guardian and where necessary

consult relevant specialist in making its final decision. In the event where consultation attract fee, parent/guardian will be required to pay the fee in advance.

Decision of the school to admit or reject any application will be communicated to parent/guardian within 48hrs by email or phone. Subsequent orientation program will then commence.

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