Our Objectives and Ethos

At Aspire, we have the highest ambitions for all our pupils. Children at Aspire know that, through hard work, application, belief in self and God anything is possible;  we call it ‘dreaming big’. We prepare, challenge, inspire and energize our pupils and prepare them for an uncertain future.

We are proud to be a family school with a strong culture of kindness and togetherness. Children are expected to show respect, kindness and empathize with one another. We insist on good manners and high moral standards at all times and good behavior.


Shape great minds, transform hearts, empower excellence
Provide an environment where children are happy, ambitious, confident and secure;
Equip our students with the skills to succeed in the future through an innovative approach to teaching, learning and and international exposure;
Train our students show kindness, mutual respect
Produce enthusiastic intellectual with enthusiasm for the world beyond the classroom;
To shape global minds in a Ghanaian etiquette
Provide an environment for the development of quality of leadership, team spirit, sportsmanship, self-esteem and other social attributes to prepare children for facing real life challenges.
To prepare and implement policies and procedures to enhance physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual progress for achieving multifaceted development and growth
To enter into a strategic alliance with relevant world class education institutes

Our Ethos

Treat others as you wish to be treated
Strictly tell the truth
Enthusiastically participate in all activities
Respect everyone
We forgive and forget
Encourage others
Best behavior at all times
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Contact Info
Aspire International School
  • Opposite Pantang Hospital
  • (+233) 024 478 3216, 020 455 55503, 020 455 55502, 030 255 2380
  • enquiry@aspireinternationalschool.com

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