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Aspire Montessori International School (AMIS) was founded in 2012 and located in a new community called Pantang Telecoms Community near Pantang Hospital, Adentan Constituency, Accra, Ghana. It currently comprises pre-school, primary and secondary.

The school’s curriculum is currently based a hybrid of Ghana Educations Services and Cambridge Curricula.

The school is structured to cater for wide range of nationalities and its activities modeled to encourage international and interethnic/faith coexistence. This is evident through varied backgrounds of teaching and administrative staff coming from different countries.


We pride ourselves as an international school of choice with a goal of optimizing the balance between academic excellence, spiritual growth and broad extracurricular activities. Our students are set apart with this optimised blend and future focused products who are trained to become responsible leaders of tomorrow. We have a clear mission and vision that guide everything that we do at AMIS as we endeavor to prepare minds, transform hearts, and empower hands “to achieve excellence and innovation”.

We inculcate high standards into our students because we believe they need to be prepared for the global platform where they will compete for leadership positions with other students from matured economies such as USA, UK, China and all other major countries. This place high expectation on modern students and this is what we prepare them for through the highest standard of education offered.

We are blessed to work alongside a dedicated, committed, and qualified staff, both faculty and academic. We have an outstanding team that that truly cares for each student as well as a well-organized paddy and mentorship system which ensures that each student needs are tailored and met with highest degree of professionalism. We encourage a system where students, parents, and teachers often refer to one another as family, defining a relationship that forms the basis to our culture.

If you are a prospective student or parent/guardian of student, please contact AIS to arrange a tour of the school where we believe you will have an opportunity to witness something special.

You are welcome any time to stop by for a professional/personal tour of our facilities  or find out more about us through our website and social media handles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, youtube and WhatsApp). You may also join us either as a faculty member, staff, students, parents and supporters to be part of this beautiful AMIS family.

There is always something special for you.

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Aspire International School
  • Opposite Pantang Hospital
  • (+233) 024 478 3216, 020 455 55503, 020 455 55502, 030 255 2380

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