Aspire Career/Dream Business Day

Aspire career day is organised every term and it is not an occasion where students just dress to depict professionals in the field of the career they intend to venture. It is a well planned and executed program that provides real value to students and 

Special Boxing Our Day

It is at the end of the year where we encourage everyone, teachers, students, parents and guardians alike to box a gift to anyone they so whish

Aspire Scripture Camp (ASC)

To touch the hearts of our children with a proper understanding of what the Bible is, why it is valid today for understanding God, how to study it and correctly interpret it. Also to give Proper understanding of Gods Character and Nature. His holiness, sovereignty, 

Graduation/Speech and Prize Giving Day

Making stakeholders aware of the observations we take in the day to day activities throughout the whole year and rewarding children who excel in the different categories